GDE Recyclables

GDE Recyclables sources and provides plastic polymers from WEEE to regrinds to compounds and delivers them to processing partners in Europe, Asia and USA.

We provide quality polymers

We are sourcing and are able to provide materials from WEEE to regrinds to compounds.

Supplied Products

We supply right plastics at right price for our partners’ requested needs by following a well-developed process. We provide quality polymers, due to our thorough understanding of plastics market in Europe and USA.


GDE Recyclables

As a reliable partner we are committed to deliver polymers with focus on our processing partners’ production. We understand and constantly improve our knowledge on how content of plastic streams varies by region, countries and industries.

Sourcing Materials

We have traveled the world and met face to face each of our suppliers, developed long term relationships to source required materials for our processing partners.

All materials are thoroughly tested

Each material is always tested for its convenience, followed by ongoing testing throughout the cooperation.


Plastic stream from WEEE

Regrinds – ABS, HIPS, PP/PE, ABS/PC

Compounds – ABS, HIPS, PP/PE, ABS/PC

About us

GDE Recyclables focuses on being a vital part of Circular Economy by helping our cooperation partners all over the world to reach their goals in every level of it. From WEEE input material to regrinds to compounds.

Knowledge and precise understanding of our partners

We have spent quality time with them, evaluating their productions, visiting suppliers’ production, learning specifications, content and variables by testing samples in laboratories.

Processing Partners

We source and supply plastic polymers for our processing partners in Europe, Asia and USA. To do that, we have traveled the world and obtained global knowledge.

We take into thorough consideration precise requirements of our processing partners, as well as understand their needs, manufacturing process and material specification.

Our team has comprehension like no other on how all the little pieces make the big picture for each of the processing partners that receive our sourced materials.


GDE Recyclables aim to develop long term relationships with our polymer suppliers. Each of our trustworthy suppliers have been carefully selected and evaluated considering precise requirements and manufacturing needs of our partners. Due to heavy traveling, our supplier network is constantly growing.

Each material is always tested for its convenience, followed by ongoing testing throughout the cooperation.

Logistics Partners

Over the 10 years of our in-depth experience, we have developed long term relationships with a reliable trucking and logistics partners in each of our main markets throughout Europe and USA. We have evaluated and found the best container solutions for our Asian partner, considering transit time, demurrage, detention and all required documentation.

Throughout in-depth experience we've obtained reliable logistics partners in
each of our main markets.

Our focus


How We Work

  1. 1

    Request from the
    processing partner.

  2. 2

    Meeting with the processing partner to agree on specifications.

  3. 3

    Contacting existing
    supplier network.

  4. 4

    Additional market

  5. 5

    Face to face meetings
    with suppliers.

  6. 6

    Testing the

  7. 7


  8. 8

    Contracting with ongoing testing, based on the production needs.


After working together for almost a decade with some of our long-term processing partners in Hong Kong and USA, they have chosen to have GDE Recyclables as their external purchase department, as we have proven our trustworthiness, as well as thorough understanding and know-how in European market.

We regularly follow the market price changes

We can react to market price changes much faster than manufacturers themselves, therefore our processing partners

We are detail oriented, understand specifications and how materials change.


    Contact us

    We are always open to cooperation. Contact us and we will help.


    Arturs Papans

    Head of Purchasing, CEO +371 27 505 075

    Kristine Papane

    Business Support +371 26 325 744

    Olga Some